On Harold S. Geneen
"But it is in Europe that Geneen's system of control is most dramatic, for here it takes the physical form of a monthly invasion. On the last Monday of every month, a Boeing 727 takes off from New York to Brussels, with sixty ITT executives aboard -- often including Geneen himself with a special office rigged up for him to work in. For four days they stay in Brussels, still insulated in their special ITT world: many of them keep their watches on New York time. Most of their time is spent in the marathon meetings which are the core of the system.

A meeting is a wierd spectacle, with more than a hint (as one of them complained) of Dr. Strangelove. About 120 people are assembled in the specially equipped fourth-floor room, with cool air-conditioning, soft lighting and discreet microphones. The curtains are drawn against the daylight and a big screen displays endless tables of statistics. Round a big horse-shoe table sit the top men of ITT from America and Europe, like diplomats at a conference. In the middle, swivelling and rocking to and fro in his armchair, surveying the faces and gazing at the statistics, is an owlish figure behind a label saying HAROLD S. GENEEN."